Severn Trent Water Challenge ride Saturday 15th September

Hi, this is the route and link to entry for the 2018 WaterAid ride in the peaks. Great route and a worthy cause.
We’re really pleased to announce the return of the ST WaterAid Cycle Challenge! Taking place on Saturday 15th September, at Carsington Water, we have two great cycle routes mapped out – a 35 mile and a 65 mile route, which takes cyclists up in to the beautiful Peak District for fabulous views and a definite challenge.
£30 per cyclist which includes access to feed-stops and a voucher for a post ride meal and drink. Parking is included in the entry so why not bring the family while you ride.
All of the entry fee goes to Wateraid to be used for changing lives for the better by getting individuals access to safe, clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene for life. All the key basics to really make a difference.
The registration page can be found here:…
and if you have any more questions, just drop us a line. In the meantime, we’d love it you shared with your teams.
The routes are outlined below and registration packs will be issued over the next few weeks. We look forward to seeing you at Carsington!

3,405ft Elevation gain
Steepest incline 9.2%
Longest climb 2.43miles at 6% average
Ride time 3hrs30 (average 10miles/hr)

The 35 mile route will start at Carsington Water visitor centre, heading north around the reservoir to Godfreyhole then up a couple of climbs with the odd very short steep section of over 10% onto Middleton. From here its downhill, a gentle rise back up and into Ible. Then its right to Winster through Carrs and Stoney Lee Wood and onto Rowsley via Stanton in-peak (avoiding the A6).
From Rowsley you head up the Chatsworth Road to Beeley for your well-earned food stop before taking a sharp right and heading up the official and challenging Beeley Moor hill climb. Once on Beeley Moor you take a picturesque ride through the moorlands, making your way back down Sydnope hill at a brake smoking 12.5%. Then it’s through Darley Bridge back across to Winster, then Grangemill straight over the junction and onto Longcliffe and Brassington via the last couple of leg burner climbs, before you make the short decent from Brassington and back to Carsington for the finish and a bite to eat.
6,007ft Elevation gain
Steepest incline 12.4%
Longest climb 6.81 miles at 2.7% average
Ride time 6hrs30 (average 10miles/hr)
Starting at Carsington Water visitor centre, up to Longcliffe via brassington, down a fast decent to Grangemill, over the junction and up a steady climb with a sharp section at the end to Winster. From here its downhill again through Carrs and Stoney Ley wood, before taking a right hand turn onto Stanton in-peak via a short but sharp accent. However don’t worry its back down the other side onto Rowsley then Beeley and the first feed stop.
As the shorter ride heads up Beeley Moor you will be carrying straight on up to Baslow and into the depths of the dark peaks, passing through Calver, Grindleford, the picturesque Hathersage and then onto Hope for the start of the famous Mam Tor climb. Skirting around Lose Hill and Back Tor following River Noe, you will steadily climb all the way up to Mam Tor with the steepest inclines coming in the last 1.3 Miles at an average of 10%. Once at the top maybe take a breather and take in the stunning views before you make your way down into Castleton via Winnats Pass at an average of 13% with the steepest section at around 20%. Once through Castleton, head through Hope and then take a right at Broughton-on-Noe heading onto Little Hucklow, Grindlow and Eyam. Once back to Curbar you have the last 16 miles re-tracing your steps on the Homeward straight back to Carsington Water for a well-earned rest and a bite to eat.

Register now for the ST WaterAid Cycle Ride on Saturday 15th September to take advantage of the early bird registration fee. Join us at Carsington Water for a 35 or 65 mile cycle ride through the beautiful but challenging Peak District.
Click here for registration details.…

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