ACC News Update – 30/10/21

Greetings all. Please read the following Committee Meeting Minutes from our meeting last week to see the latest news on ACC. There are several changes taking place but please be assured that if anyone has any comments on these then please let us know. Looking forward to seeing you all soon out on our Saturday rides 🙂

Minutes from ACC Committee Meeting held on Thursday 21/10/21page1image21261568

1) Members present: Chairperson & B Route planner – David Tibbit, Treasurer – Tim Walker-Sharp, Club Kit Manager & A Route planner – Jon Standen, Secretary – Marie Mcilroy, Committee Member – Hilary Herridge.

Apologies : Matt Harlow – Website Manager, Sue Standen – C Route Planner, Lincoln Smithers – A Route planner/Routes Coordinator, Bev Smithers – Social Route Planner, Peter Harrison – A Route Planner, Sarah Harrison – Social Route Planner. Charlie Mcilroy – B Route planner.

2) Update of Club Bank Account Balance: Current Balance = £1603.74. There’ll be a debit coming out of this of £136.84 after Marie has messaged Tim some outstanding transactions. Once Tim has brought the Accounts up to date a copy will be messaged to the Committee & ACC members for all to view.

Present Ride Membership: 83. (This includes 7 new joiners in 2021)

3) Committee retirements & changes :-
Marie & Tim are both retiring from their positions as Secretary & Treasurer,
having held these roles since 2011 they feel it’s now time to step aside.
There was discussion on what sort of Cycling Club ACC should be going forward and the majority decision was that we will simplify the Club as outlined in the rest of these minutes. Ultimately the present Committee members feel that ACC will serve its’ riders best if they just concentrate on facilitating communication between riders so as to continue with the regular Saturday ride meet ups but winding down and dispensing with a lot of the other business involved in the current running of the Club.

ACC has grown from 11 registered riders in 2011 to the present registered number of 83. Over the years we have organised introductory beginner rides, cycle coaching sessions, first aid courses, bike maintenance sessions, social functions and club cycle trips away. The feedback ACC hears is that it is a friendly welcoming social cycling club which is open to anyone who wants to come and try it. This is the main ethos we wish to continue with.

Whilst the present Committee are winding down and simplifying the running of ACC, please be assured that if anyone in the future has the desire to step things back up then they are welcome to take their ideas forward alongside anyone else with similar aims.

4) ACC has the following affiliations and costs:-
Cycling UK, 19/7/21 – 19/7/22, £82
British Cycling, 31/12/20 – 31/12/21, £73
Cycling Time Trials, 31/12/20 – 31/12/21, £30
Notts Derby Cyclo Cross League, 24/8/21 – 24/8/22, £25

ACC Website Costs:-
Every 5 years – £41.70, Annually – £58.62

Admin Costs for photocopying, stationery, postage for sending out membership renewals – approx £50

5) Changes to the running of ACC:-

It was decided not to renew any of the above affiliations once they come up for expiry. It was also decided to dispense with the Club Membership fee with immediate effect.
It has always been ACC’s advice for anyone out cycling regularly either on their own or with a group to have in place for themselves, cycling third party insurance membership with either British Cycling or Cycling UK. ACC will continue to recommend this to riders but ultimately this is up to them and cannot be a prerequisite for being able to cycle with ACC.

Currently there is enough money in the ACC bank account to finance the present website for several years to come. Since having last week’s Committee meeting it’s been decided that we will investigate simplifying or changing the website so as to ideally incur no charges or less charges. The idea of expanding on the current ACC facebook is also being looked in to. The most important thing to bear in mind is that current and prospective ACC riders are able to easily locate information about ACC.

Since last week’s Committee meeting it has also been decided to use some of the club funds to subsidise the cost of the next club jersey order. Whilst it is perfectly acceptable for riders to wear whatever cycle clothing they choose for ACC rides, we wanted to offer people the option of buying a club jersey at a more affordable price if they wished to do this.

6) Club Routes & Planning of them:-

It was decided that Saturday routes will no longer be publicised on the website. They will though continue to be posted on the main club whatsapp group but will be messaged there by each individual route planner instead of Marie or Matt having to post.
For the moment there will still be information on the current ACC website detailing where and what time any prospective new riders can come to chat to other riders or join a ride for the first time.

Lincoln Smithers, Route Co-ordinator, will continue as a point of contact if anyone has any comments to make regarding routes. Alternatively people can choose to message the route planner of their group.

Sue Standen has kindly agreed to continue to route plan for the C rides for the next 3 months until end of February 2022. After this time it will be reviewed as to whether a C route should still be offered. The Committee is aware from feedback that there is a desire for the C Route to more readily ‘bridge the gap’ between the length of the Social and the C ride. Is there’s anyone who regularly rides in the Social group and would like to take on the role of C route planning – maybe two people could do this so as to share the load, then please contact Lincoln or Bev.

(Attached below is an excerpt from the Club routes description website page)

7) AOB: Hilary has kindly offered to look at the possibility of organising an Xmas Ride/ and/or social get together – she says if she’s able to come up with anything she’ll let ACC know.

Club Routes Description:-

The key to a successful and enjoyable ride for all is for riders to communicate with each other before and during the ride – this will help people ride at the pace agreed with others and will help to ensure the safety of the riders and other road users.

Please note that the distance of all the four rides will vary according to whatever is appropriate to the weather conditions and time of year as well as the terrain.  The average speeds quoted are a guidance only and they will vary according to terrain, the participants present on the day and the agreed pace of each group. All groups have the option to split into smaller groups depending on how many riders turn up and the desired pace agreed upon. All four routes are open to all ACC riders to choose from.


Distance aims to be 60 miles, but will sometimes  be within a range of 55 – 65 miles.  The average speed ranges between 16 – 20 mph.


Distance aims to be 50 miles, but will sometimes be within a range of 45 – 55 miles. The B ride pace varies from 12 – 15 mph.


Distance aims to be 40 miles, but will sometimes be within a range of 35 – 45 miles. The C ride pace also varies from



Distance aims to be around 25 miles, but will sometimes be within a range of between 23  – 30 miles.  

Average speed pace is generally  around 10 – 11 mph.

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