Club Rides


Each week ACC organises rides on Saturday mornings. We meet at 9 am.

The rides are not led by leaders but the groups are very welcoming to newcomers – please let others know if you’re new to the club and group riding.

There are  four group rides:-  A, B, C  and Social,   which meet in the main car park area of Ashbourne Leisure Centre.  Please ensure you read the ‘Club Rules/Cycling Etiquette’ that appear on this website – if there’s anything you’re not sure of then please check with one of the other riders at the start.

All of our Saturday rides have a cafe stop as part of the route.  

The key to a successful and enjoyable ride for all is for riders to communicate with each other before and during the ride – this will help people ride at the pace agreed with others and will help to ensure the safety of the riders and other road users.

Please note that the distance of all the four rides will vary according to whatever is appropriate to the weather conditions and time of year as well as the terrain.  The average speeds quoted are a guidance only and they will vary according to terrain, the participants present on the day and the agreed pace of each group. All groups have the option to split into smaller groups depending on how many riders turn up and the desired pace agreed upon. All four routes are open to all ACC riders to choose from.


Distance aims to be 60 miles, but will sometimes  be within a range of 55 – 65 miles.  The average speed ranges between 16 – 20 mph.


Distance aims to be 50 miles, but will sometimes be within a range of 45 – 55 miles. The B  ride pace varies from 12 – 15 mph.


Distance aims to be 40 miles, but will sometimes be within a range of 35 – 45 miles.  The C ride pace varies from 12-15  mph


Distance aims to be around 25 miles, but will sometimes be within a range of between 23  – 30 miles.  

Average speed pace is generally  around 10 – 11 mph.

FRIDAY “Breeze Rides” (Women Only)

Breeze rides are our women only social rides that cater for all abilities. These meet on Friday mornings in Ashbourne.  For more information about our Breeze Rides please take a look on the website here under the title ‘Breeze Rides – women only rides’. 


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  1. Sam Williams says:

    Moving back to ashbourne having graduated from uni in oxford. Been doing a fair amount of mountain biking and single track and due to my car braking down would like to get to know the local routes as I can’t find anything. Would love to get to know what the club gets up to in relevance to mtb!

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