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Not sure where to ride? Below you’ll find a selection of Ashbourne Cycling Club routes. It’s not an exhaustive list ; but if you’re new to the area or just looking for some inspiration, then maybe these will help. If you’re looking for this week’s route details they’ll be posted on the main website page a few days in advance of each ride.

All the Ashbourne Cycling Club routes begin in Ashbourne, starting at the Leisure Centre which offers plenty of parking and also has immediate access to the Tissington trail through the old Railway tunnel.

Use the Club Routes menu above to select the type of ride you’re looking for (by length). You can check out the route, get useful information including the all important Cafe Stop, see it on a map and download a .GPX file for your navigation device


If you’re planning your own route here are some basic principles:

  • Heading North from Ashbourne: It’s very easy to gain elevation – some of the club rides will ascend  1000ft every 10 miles, and if you want something even more challenging there are lots of Category 4 climbs locally, and shorter sections over 20%.
  • Heading South from Ashbourne: This will typically give you an easier ride. There are lots of quiet lanes in the area that we use regularly. Heading South you’re likely to ascend ~200 to 500 ft per 10 miles. Check your route profile though as the return trip to Ashbourne will continually gain height.
  • Heading West from Ashbourne will give you some challenging climbs and some spectacular views if you head towards Axe Edge. Heading East will offer shorter but tough climbs including Riber.
  • In all cases have a look at our Cafe Stops page or use the published Club Routes for some ideas!






The map below is centred on Ashbourne and the location of the Route markers shows the approximate direction and distance the route heads from Ashbourne.

The colour of the cycle icon indicates the route distance ONLY. It doesn’t take in to account elevation, so some of the shorter rides can be much tougher than the longer rides. Check the elevation!


= Social and beginner routes up to 30 miles



= Shorter Routes, between 30 and 50 miles



= Longer Rides over 50 miles


The map is fully interactive, and if you want further information about the route go to the specific route pages in the menu above.

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