Monyash Loop with Stuart



Got a ride in this afternoon after a weekend disrupted by work, thanks Stuart


Stuart insisted on a Hilly ride today after yesterdays to quote Stuart “Easy ride” added another 1000mts to his weekend tally, good effort Lad

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4 Responses

  1. Stuart Swann says:

    Better cyclist than photographer. Where was Jason when I needed him most.

  2. Ant says:

    Sorry!! I can’t be good at everything Lad, now I can’t think.what I’m good at. Must be tired, need sleep and yes I can.get up the stairs 🙂

  3. Jason C says:

    The first thing I’d have done is put you in a slightly less camp pose 🙂

  4. Stuart Swann says:

    Exactly. Trying to breathe was my only concern. A minute to compose myself would have been nice. ????????

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