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Over the past few years, managing of club kit orders has been the responsibility of Paul Mannion. Paul has now decided to step down from this role so I’d like to thank Paul on behalf of all ACC members for all his work and support with this.

We now need to decide as a club how we’d like to proceed with club kit order organisation.  There has been some suggestion too of changing supplier possibly or to stay with the present one.  At the moment Imp Sport supplies the club and the club log in to use if you wish to view the kit is ASHBCC1254.  It is possible to order individually via the site for some items such as the jerseys and bib shorts. Discount is applied though if orders are 10 and above (full details are on Imp Sport’s site).

Please can everyone consider whether they might want to volunteer to take on responsibility for club kit – whoever does this can decide on how much or how little work this would involve.  It could simply entail doing one bulk order per year or maximum two.   It could also entail  exploring the option of a different supplier if desired. Equally anyone considering this  can decide if they just want to do it on a trial basis with one bulk order and then see if they wish to stay in role or not. 

The Club Website is under the management of Jason Crellin and Jason would like to give this responsibility over to someone else please whenever anyone  feels they could take it over.  Meanwhile on behalf of ACC thank you very much Jason for your support so far with this.

If you want to have a chat or make an enquiry about these two roles please contact Marie Mcilroy or Paul Mannion  via the website email – (this email should reach us), the group whatsapp page or our  mobile contact numbers/personal emails if you have them. 

The club is due to have an AGM very soon (date to be decided). At this the club will be asking members to consider the present committee roles as all of them will be up for election/re-election.   Some members are happy to continue if elected and others are stepping down.  At that meeting the roles for club kit/website can also be further explored. So please have a think if you’d like to take a more active role in the running of the club – many thanks 🙂




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