Here’s an update of who is on the ACC Committee?

Chairperson – David Tibbit, Club Secretary – Marie Mcilroy, Treasurer – Tim Walker Sharp, Club Kit – Jon Standen, Club Website – Matt Harlow.

Other committee members:- Jacqui Kinch, Anthony Howson, Mark Kuschnir, Hilary Herridge

Is the Club Kit order arriving soon?

Yes – Jon will be in touch very soon to give details of collection.

Are the Club planning to run any more Beginner Ride Sessions?

Not for next year.  We may consider running some in the next Olympic year 2020

Would you be interested in the Club booking up Darley Moor Track again next year for in house coaching, elimination races, or just to have a whizz around the track?

If so then please let one of the committee members know and say if you’d prefer a weekday evening or a weekend day in 2019.  Ideally we would need to think about booking the track as early as possible to guarantee some dates for next year. 

First Aid Training? 

The Club has funded several members to gain their basic first aid qualification which we hope will never be needed to be put to use but could prove very useful if the case arises.

In addition to this we’d like to know if riders would be interested in attending a practical session that would involve questions and answers and some basic training, non exam based, all centred around what to do in a cycling type emergency/first aid situation.  If enough people are interested then we will try to find a trainer to run a session for us. 

Do you fancy trying out Cyclo Cross and Time Trials?

ACC is now affiliated with the following associations:-

NDCXL – Nottingham & Derby Cyclo Cross League

Cycling Time Trials

Click on the links to find out more about them.

Bike Maintenance Session – Thursday 18th October, 7.30 – 9.30 pm

Club Member Paul Thrupp who runs  the bike shop Cycling 2000 at Burton Upon Trent, has very kindly offered to run this session for ACC.  

The session is free to attend for any ACC Member who is up to date with their 2018 Membership subscription.  The venue is St Johns Community Centre, Ashbourne.

Please contact Marie Mcilroy if you’d like to book on to it.

Do you struggle a bit with your Garmin, uploading routes, etc? 

Please contact Marie, Jon or Matt from the Committee and let them know if you’d like some help in getting to grips with Garmin/strava tech.  Let them know which type of garmin you have and whether you’ve got a PC or an Apple computer.

They may be able to organise meeting up with you to offer some tips and know how.

What Date is this year’s Christmas post ride Lunch?

Saturday 15th December, midday.  Venue to be decided.

Hereward’s Hundred and Hereward’s Half Challenge Rides

Many thanks to all the riders who turned out for this and to all the people who weren’t able to but have donated to the Midlands Air Ambulance Charity anyhow.

People are invited to make a suggested donation of £10 direct to the Midlands Air Ambulance Charity website. This is the easiest way to donate rather than via the Club Bank Account.  However it’s tricky to be able to see how much money has been raised so if you’d like to know then please message Marie direct to say that you’ve donated and how much – she’ll then tot it up and let the Club know the final figure.

Annual Club Membership Fee – how much is it and when do i need to pay next?

Membership renewals of £12 are due in January 2019 and should be paid by the 1st February 2019 latest.  If a new member joins part way through the year they just pay for the months remaining. Your membership fee pays towards the costs of the website, affiliations with British Cycling, NDCXL, Time Trials Association, Stationary items such as stamps, photocopying, advertising flyers. Hall hire for Bike Maintenance, prizes given out at Xmas Lunch, First Aid training, Club Kit Subsidies and Darley Moor Track Hire for Coaching sessions. Volunteers from ACC help to run the club – see list of Committee members above.

If riders want to take advantage of all these things it is only fair to all that everyone pays their annual £12 fee. As from January 2019 if riders want to be included in the ACC WhatsApp group they will need to keep their membership renewal up to date.

Please note that your £12 Membership fee does not cover you for any type of ride insurance with the Club.  All members are expected to take out appropriate insurance – third party at least, with British Cycling, Cycling Uk or their own chosen company.

When are the route postings sent out for the weekly rides?

We have several volunteers who give suggestions for the weekly club ride routes:-

A Routes  – Jon Standen, Pete Harrison, Matt Harlow, 

B Routes  – Ant Howson, Marie Mcilroy, Mark Kuschnir,

C Routes – Sarah Harrison, Linc and Bev Smithers, Mark Kuschnir

We aim to get the routes posted on the Website, Facebook page and the ACC whatsapp group by Thursday evenings/Friday mornings latest.  Sometimes we’ll try to get them out earlier.  

We’ve decided to simplify future route postings:-

From now on there will just be the strava link posted only and whether it’s heading clockwise or anti clockwise. The Cafe stop name will be notified via the ACC WhatsApp Group only.

Guidelines for the approximate average speeds of each group can be seen on the website.

Please try to familiarise with your chosen route beforehand and download it on your chosen device.

Indoor Sufferfest Cycling Sessions at Ashbourne Leisure Centre – are Riders interested in doing these again this winter?

Last winter there were several riders who got together regularly each week on a Thursday 7.30 pm at ALC to ride the indoor Stages Bikes whilst being guided along with a Sufferfest Video.  Please use the ACC whatsapp group to say if you’re planning on going during this winter season – it encourages others along to join you.  The Club cannot designate the session just for them but usually if someone can arrive earlier at 7.25 pm and get a video chosen then they get first choice.  Contact Ashbourne Leisure Centre for details (tel: 01335 343712) of booking ahead etc if you want to do so.  Please note that the online timetable is not up to date – better to ring ALC reception and check with them.

Any events happening in 2019?

Last year the Club trips that riders arranged amongst themselves were very successful.  There were around 15 people who went cycling in Majorca and about 13 that went away to a fixed based weekend of cycling in Pickering,Yorkshire.

Several ACC members have already booked again to go to Majorca from the 21st to the 28th April 2019. The Majorca Sportive 312 event is happening on Saturday 27th April and some of the riders are planning to take part. As well as the 312 km distance there is also a 225 km and a 167 km. Flights and accommodation etc are all sorted out individually and riders then meet up in Puerto Pollenca, Majorca,  to ride together in similar paced groups – so something to suit everyone. Message via the Club WhatsApp Group if you want to know any more.

If anyone fancies taking part in a weekend fixed based cycling trip in the UK sometime during 2019, then let Marie know and she will set up a whatsapp group for interested parties to make arrangements between themselves.

Do you fancy trying out the Velodrome in Derby?

If you do then please let our Chairperson David Tibbit know – he is going to find out if we can organise a Club Session try out.


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