ACC Summer Cycling Weekend Away – 5th – 7th July

Last year several ACC members got together to arrange a fixed based weekend of cycling. It was a great success and there were riders from all 4 route groups (A, B, C, D & Social) who went along, plus some of their friends & family members.

There are several riders looking into arranging something similar again for this year. So far there are nine people who have expressed interest. A whatsapp group has been set up for further arrangements to be decided such as location and accommodation options. The date that has been chosen is from the evening of Friday 5th July to Sunday 7th July. This gives the possibility of two full days of cycling plus a bit of TV viewing on the Saturday to watch the Grand Depart of this year’s Tour De France!

All ACC members plus any friends/family are welcome (there are plenty of options for other activities for non-riders)

Please contact Marie Mcilroy direct or message via the main ACC whatsapp group to express your interest and to be added to the ‘Cycle Weekend Away ACC’ whatsapp group.

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