ACC Newsletter, May 2019

Last week ACC had their annual AGM.  Thank you to those members who were able to come along – your comments during the meeting were much appreciated.  Following on from the AGM we all enjoyed a  splendid presentation from Alex Latham Boal on his incredible North Cape cycling adventure challenge. Thank you Alex for a thoroughly enjoyable evening.  You are an inspiration to us all! 

Please read through the following newsletter which includes the main points of the meeting and some dates for your diary 🙂

Election of ACC Committee Members:-

Chairperson – David Tibbit,       Treasurer – Tim Walker Sharp, 

Secretary – Marie Mcilroy,         Club Kit Secretary – Jon Standen, 

Website Secretary – Matt Harlow.

General Committee members: Mark Kuschnir, Hilary Herridge.

Please consider volunteering for a committee role. At the moment the roles up for grabs are Treasurer, Secretary, Club Kit Secretary & Website Secretary.       

Whilst the people in these roles have agreed to do another year they would really appreciate it if new people would step up to fill their shoes. Roles of Treasurer and Secretary have been done by the same people ever since the club first began back in 2011.  

We only meet around 3 times per year and the meetings usually last about an hour and a half, sometimes less. None of the roles are terribly time consuming.  If you’re interested to find out more please have a chat with any of the present committee members.

ACC Bank Account Summary:-

We currently have 80 paid up ACC Members in the Club (an increase of 11 compared to last year).  

The ACC bank account balance is presently £1484.70.  

Our outgoings each year are roughly a minimum of £250 – this amount covers our charges for the Club Website, affiliations with Cycling UK, British Cycling, Notts & Derby Cyclo Cross, Cycling Time Trials Association. Our other outgoings are stationary, printing and postage for annual membership renewals, subsidy’s for club clothing kit, first aid training, room hire for bike maintenance and track hire at Darley Moor.  (NB: If you ever want to view the exact figures for the club accounts then please contact either the Treasurer or the Secretary.)

So as you can see the present bank balance is very healthy indeed – if you have any ideas on what you’d like to see your Membership subscription go towards then please let any of the Committee members know so that your suggestions can be considered at our next meeting. 

Volunteers needed for litter picking:-

I’m sure you’ll agree that we all see evidence of discarded litter during our bike rides. It has been proposed that maybe ACC would be willing to volunteer to help out with the Ashbourne based Litter Picking Group. This could nurture public relations with our local community as well as doing our bit to tidy up the local area.  

Would you be interested in giving up a bit of your time to help out – maybe even just a one off occasion? Further details will be posted soon….

Derbyshire County Council’s Action Grants Programme:-

There is money up for grabs in the form of a grant for local groups e.g. Cycling Clubs.  Do you have an idea for ACC that they could use such a grant for?  Check out this link and let one of your committee members know what you’d like to propose and we’ll discuss it at our next meeting:-

ACC WhatsApp Groups:-

These are the WhatsApp Groups that we now have for ACC:-

The present ACClub group – this should mainly be used for Saturday route postings, ACC related announcements & other club & cycling related news.

Four others which are aimed at the 4 Saturday ride groups named as follows:

  ACCA,  ACCBees,   C group,    Social group,

These groups may be used for messaging anything relative to the other members in that group concerning the Saturday rides.

If you haven’t already done so but wish to, please message via the main ACClub group to say if you’d like to be added to any of these groups – you can choose to be added to more than one in case you ride frequently/and/or occasionally in any of them.  

There will be a fifth ACC group set up as well – called ‘ACC Marketplace’.

This is aimed at cycling related selling/buying & wanted items. If YOU DO NOT WANT TO BE ADDED to this group please message privately to say so (- contact Marie on 07891 320041)

Clarification on the ACC Saturday Rides:-

It was agreed at the AGM that the current structure of the A, B, C and Social rides will remain in place.   This increased choice of 4 rides hopefully means that there will be something to suit regular, casual & new riders.   ACC Saturday riders are encouraged to ride as a group with plenty of communication and leave no one behind (but there are no group leaders as such). Any group may decide on the day to split into a faster and a slower group. They also may wish to ‘tweak’ the route to make it shorter or longer.  Large groups of more than 8 should split into two groups particularly on busier roads. Please establish the intentions of the group’s members before setting off.  This is particularly pertinent to the B riders as that group tends to be fairly big in numbers and of mixed riding pace.  Communication is key to a successful and enjoyable ride.

Each rider is expected to be self sufficient – though group members will normally help out in case of breakdowns. Riders are expected to be familiar with the route they choose to ride and be able to navigate the route on their own or at the very least be confident to get themselves home if needs be. If you’re not sure which route to choose it is recommended that you opt for the easier one to start with.

Guideline to Saturday Routes: approximate lengths & average speeds:-

A routes: length of 50–65 miles, average speed 17–19 mph, both dependent upon terrain.

B routes: length of 40-50 miles, average speed 14-16 mph, both dependent upon terrain.

C routes: length of 30-40 miles, average speed 12-13 mph, both dependent upon terrain.

Social routes: length of 20-30 miles, average speed 10-11 mph, both dependent upon terrain.

Forthcoming dates for your diary:-

  • Club Cycling Trip to Richmond, Yorkshire, 5 – 8 July 2019. There are 15 ACC members so far planning to join this fixed based cycling weekend. They are a mix of A, B, C & Social riders and some people are bringing along family/friends who don’t cycle.  Accommodation is sorted out by yourselves although we try to base ourselves within a reasonably short distance of one another.  Rides are planned for each day that are suitable for all abilities present so there is always someone else to ride with.  A similar trip was organised last year and it was a great success.  If you’d like to join in then please message Marie privately on 07891 320041 and she’ll give you further details.
  • Cycle Challenge Rides – Hereward’s Hundred, Hereward’s Half, (there might even be a Hereward’s Mini this year as well…)

    There has been a change of date for this from previous postings so please note:  

Cycle Challenge Rides will now be on Saturday 5th October 2019.

Any monies raised from this event will be donated to Midlands Air Ambulance.

  •   Advanced Bike Maintenance Session – Date to be confirmed soon…
  •     2020 ACC cycling trip to Mallorca or elsewhere?

         For the past two years several ACC members have joined together for a fixed base cycling trip to Mallorca.  Are you interested in taking part in something similar for 2020? If so, please register your interest with Marie on 07891 320041 and she will include you in the WhatsApp group which will be set up for planning it.

–     Next ACC AGM – Tuesday 5th May 2020

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