Club Newsletter February 2020

How much money is in the ACC Bank Account?

Approx £1700 – so looking very healthy indeed!

The Club funds presently pay for affiliations with British Cycling, Cycling UK, Cycling Time Trials & Notts & Derby Cyclocross. Other items covered by club funds are the Club website, membership cards plus the stationery and stamps that cover membership annual renewals, club kit subsidy, a complimentary drink at the Club Christmas lunch plus 4 prizes.  In the past club funds have also paid for ACC members to take first aid training, room hire for bike maintenance sessions, Darley Moor coaching sessions and taster sessions for Sufferfest Indoor cycling at ALC. 

If you have any ideas on how you’d like to see club funds spent then please let one of the Committee members know.  There has been a suggestion that a portion of club funds could be donated each year to a charity – this was discussed at the last Committee meeting in January.  The conclusion they came to was that they didn’t feel comfortable with donating members subscription money on their behalf without everyone’s consent.  At the moment any club funds spent are for the benefit of all ACC members and everyone is given the choice of taking advantage of this. So the Committee decided that club funds should be used only with this in mind. What do you think?

If no ideas for club fund spending come forward it seems senseless for money to carry on accumulating  as it is now – therefore one idea that has been proposed and can be discussed at the May AGM will be to ask if members would like to see the present fee reduced from £12 to £6?  Let the Committee know at the May AGM what you think about this?

Can ACC Members get reduced third party liability cycle insurance deals with Cycling UK and/or  British Cycling?

Yes – you can.  If you’re signing up with British Cycling for the first time they will offer a reduced ‘Ride’ insurance and membership fee for BC during the first year only.  If you sign up with Cycling Uk for their membership and insurance they have a deal that is cheaper and covers you for basic third party liability insurance annually.  Take a look at both organisations for full details.       

ACC chooses at present to affiliate with both Cycling UK and British Cycling as there are advantages to doing this.  However  this needs to be discussed further at the May AGM and decided upon whether we  should continue to do so. The Committee feel it is a good idea but what do you think?

Saturday Routes – any updates to these?

Yes – there’s been a small change to the maximum and minimum distances that the routes are now being planned to.  Here’s an extract from the ‘Rides’  section on the Club Website:-

“The distance of all four rides will vary according to whatever is appropriate to the weather conditions and time of year as well as the terrain.  The average speeds quoted are a guidance only and they will vary according to terrain, the participants present on the day and the agreed pace of each group. All groups have the option to split into smaller groups depending on how many riders turn up and the desired pace agreed upon. All four routes are open to all riders to choose from.


Distance aims to be 60 miles, but will sometimes  be within a range of 50 – 70 miles.  The average speed ranges between 17 – 20 mph.


Distance aims to be 50 miles, but will sometimes be within a range of 40 – 60 miles.


Distance aims to be 40 mile but will sometimes be within a range of 30 – 50 miles.

The B and C average ride pace varies from 12 – 15 mph


Distance aims to be around 30 miles, but will sometimes be within a range of between 20 – 40 miles.  

Average speed pace is generally  around 10 – 11 mph”

Please remember that the key to an enjoyable safe ride for all is clear and  constant communication within each ride group.  See the ACC website for full details on recommended guidelines on riding well in a group.

Would you like to see some support and encouragement for more movement between the four route groups?  For example if you’re a speedy B rider and wanting to up your pace to join in with an occasional A route group? This could be facilitated if the A group split into two and offered a slightly slower paced A ride to give a chance for others to ‘hold their wheel’.  This same principle could be offered within all the other groups too.  However the Committee hasn’t had anyone say to them that they’d like to see this done, so now’s your chance to voice to them if you would? Or maybe riders are happy with the way things are and prefer to continue to ride within their regular groups?  Please give your Committee Members or preferably Lincoln  – our Routes Co-ordinator, some feedback.

ACC is affiliated to the Nottingham Derby Cyclocross League and the Time Trials Association.  Would you like to know more about these two organisations  and have a go? Both are good fun, open to beginners and are a great way of keeping fit on the bike as well as offering a competitive element. The next season for cyclocross starts in September later this year.  Have a chat with ACC members Steve and Helen to find out more.     Also check out these websites  and

Are there any plans for an ACC trip to Majorca or anywhere else this year?

A whatsapp group has been set up for people to register their interest and to see if any other ACC members want to join them. The idea is for people to use the whatsapp group to agree on a date, location, etc.  In past years everyone has sorted out their own flights, accommodation etc and then met up for as many or as few rides each day as they wish to.  There has always been a mix of people in the past so providing a good selection of ride pace to suit all.        

So far there are 7 people registered with the present group.  If you want to explore the idea further please message Marie (07891 320041) and she will add your contact.  It is then upto the people in that group to swap ideas and agree on final details.

Are there any plans for an ACC fixed based cycling trip in the UK this year?

Same as above – if you fancy this idea and want to extend the invite to all other ACC members to join you then please message Marie and she will set up a group for people to arrange themselves.   Over the past 2 years around 15 ACC members and some of their families/friends have got together for a weekend of cycling. Each of the two years a different location was chosen – both were in Yorkshire – the first year was Pickering and the second year  Richmond. So have a think and a chat to others to see if you can drum up any interest…

Are there any bulk orders happening this year for Club kit?

Jon Standen will bring along to the ACC AGM in May some samples of Club Kit for people to look at and try on.  Jon would also like to hear if you want to order some kit for this year so please message him direct on 07808 096742 or via the main Club WhatsApp group.  If there are enough people to warrant a bulk order he will arrange one.

When is the Hereward Club Challenge Ride happening this year?

Change of date from last year – new date for 2020 is Saturday 4th July

There will be 3 rides again to choose from – a 100, 75 and a 50 miles.  The 100 though will be flatter than last years very hilly one!  Participants will be invited to make an online donation of £10 to Midlands Air Ambulance if they wish to do so. The date has been changed in the hope it may capture some better weather …

When is the AGM this year?

Tuesday 12th May, 7.30 pm – Ashbourne venue – to be confirmed.  There will be a sample of club kit available on the evening to view.  Please come along and show your support and interest at the meeting.  This is your chance to voice any comments you have on the Club and how it operates.  There will also be a few other items on the Agenda up for discussion.

The Committee Members will be voted in as well – as usual all Committee roles will be up for grabs. Maybe you’d like to take a more active role in your club – if so, please consider joining the Committee – none of the roles are particularly arduous . The Committee meets just 3 times a year and the present roles consist of :

Chairperson (David Tibbit), Secretary (Marie Mcilroy),  Treasurer (Tim Walker Sharp), Club Kit (Jon Standen), Website (Matt Harlow), Routes Co-ordinator (Lincoln Smithers)  and General Committee Member (Hilary Herridge).  Have a chat with any of these committee members to find out more.

So that’s all for now folks – apart from Storms Dennis and Ciara, winter has been kind to us so far – fingers crossed for plenty of dry sunny cycling yet to come this year… :))

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