ACC Routes Saturday 23rd September

Meet 0830, main carpark of Ashbourne Leisure Centre.  Please be sure to check through the routes beforehand.  Cycling tip reminder –  front, middle and rear riders all need to communicate with each other if the pace needs to speed up or slow down. Front rider needs to check behind them that group are keeping up and rear riders need to call up if pace needs altering. πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚ Obviously there will be some road parts where group will segment though. πŸ™‚ 

Many thanks for this week’s route suggestions – enjoy  πŸ™‚ 

A Route, approx average speed approx 16 – 17 mph, 53 miles, 4,100 feet elevation, heading out via Fenny Bentley, Longcliffe, Rowley and Chatsworth up to Calver.  Head back and take in the cafe at Hassop Station, returning to Ashbourne via Parsley Hay, Biggin and Parwich.

A Route Strava Link


B Route, average speed 12 – 13 mph, 38 miles, 2,940 feet elevation, heading out through the Tunnel on to Kniveton via Windmill Lane – Brassington where you get to conquer the β€œDragon”  β€“ Longcliffe – Newhaven – The Rake – Monyash Old forge cafe – Long Dale – Biggin – Parwich – Fenny Bentley

B Route Strava Link


C Route, 20.2 miles, 1,431 ft elevation, average speed approx 10 mph, heading out A515, Clifton, Sidesmill Lane, Ellastone, Denstone – Cafe stop at Denstone Tea Rooms, Marston Montgomery, Cubley, Alkmonton, Yeavley, Wyaston.

Strava link – C Route


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