Routes Saturday 19th May

Meet 0830, main carpark Ashbourne Leisure Centre.  Please ensure you familiarise yourself with the routes beforehand and know how to navigate them on the day.  Check the weather forecast ๐Ÿ˜‰ and equip yourself and your bike accordingly. 

Many thanks for this weekโ€™s route suggestions โ€“ enjoy the ride ๐Ÿ˜€  

A Route, 52 miles long, 4,000 ft elevation, approx avg speed 17-19 mph, heading out via Longcliffe, Chatsworth, Calver, cafe stop at Hassop Station. Return via Monyash, Longdale, Biggin. 

A Route Strava Link

B Group โ€“ Average Speeds for this group can vary depending upon who is there on the day.  It is strongly recommended that you are able to navigate the route yourself in case the group splits so please come prepared.  Historically the average speed on routes heading south (flatter) have been 12/13mph (B- group)  and 14/15 mph (B+group). They are a bit lower when the route heads north (hillier).  Please communicate with others at the start and decide if the group is going to split straight away to a higher and a lower paced B ride.  Even if you stay as one group or divide up it is a good idea to reassemble after the first few miles and check that everyone is happy with the pace. Please can whoever is on the front of the group check behind and liaise with the rear riders that the group is โ€˜altogetherโ€™. Rear rider call up ahead if the group seems to be splitting.

Communication is key to a successful ride for everyone – this tip applies to all groups  ๐Ÿ˜€ 

B route, 40 miles, 3,428 ft elevation, heading out through tunnel, Windmill Lane, back of Kniveton, Brassington, Bradbourne, Parwich, Alsop, A515 short stretch, caution on second right hand turn towards Alstonfield, descend down and along to Milldale, Wetton, Hulme End – Tea stop at the wonderful Tea Junction Cafe at the 21 mile point, Hartington, Heathcote, Newhaven, A512 past Pikehall, Longcliffe, Fenny Bentley, short stretch along A515 back to Ashbourne.

B Strava Route

C Route, 25 miles long, 1,911 ft elevation, approx avg speed 10 – 11 mph, heading out cycle path, Edlaston, Yeaveley, Alkmonton along Long Lane to Kirk Langley, cafe stop at Meynell Langley, Mercaston, Bradley, return along A 517 to Ashbourne.

C Route Strava Link

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