ACC Cafe Ventoux ride Saturday 30th June

As a addition to the usual club rides there will be a ride to Café Ventoux which is located near the village of Tugby Leicestershire.

Departing ALC at 07;30 there will be two groups one paced at 16 – 17 mph average headed up by Mike and the other a bit easier paced at 15 – 16 mph average headed up by Ant, this is a 124 mile ride with 6613 feet of climbing over rolling terrain and is not to be taken lightly, the main stop will be at Café Ventoux at around 60 miles with refuel stops along the way as and when required.

Please ensure you and your bike are in good working order, make sure you have at lease one spare inner tube and quick patches just in case. Please make sure you have sufficient fuel for the ride and cash for refuelling stops.

Above all make sure you enjoy it  😎 if you set off with the lead group and find the pace a bit to hot you have the option to drop back to the slower group which hopefully won’t be to far behind  😉

Now the important bit, here is the route; 

ACC Ventoux route

Please make sure you have a good look at the route and download to your devices.

If you are undecided about riding and or have any concerns please contact Mike or Ant by responding to this post or via the club Watsapp or Facebook groups

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