ACC Darley Moor Track Session Thursday 21st June

Meet Thursday evening 21st June at 6.30 pm at Darley Moor Track ,  just off the A515 near Ashbourne.  On arrival come through the main gate, straight on to the mini roundabout and turn right, proceed to the top of the paddock and park either side of the main Paddock Roadway near the Darley Diner. There will be an inside area available for riders to make use of for changing/storing clothing etc. We have the use of the track until dusk although the session will probably run for about an hour and half.  If you have to arrive later than 6.30 that’s fine – late arrivals will be able to slot in but please see Jacqui or Jon when you arrive prior to using the track.

This will be a good opportunity to practice and improve your confidence in group riding and bike handling skills on a safe off road environment. For example:- Drafting behind a wheel,  cycling in pairs/singles within a group, Rotating the leading pair on the front, Hand signals, Reaching for water bottle while riding etc etc. 

If any riders want to use the track for their own laps to work on their speed and bike handling then this will be possible but please liaise with the other groups using the track at the same time.

Please can as many ACC members come along as possible.  We will be running the session ourselves and there will be something for everyone –  no matter what your ability or experience level.  

We will have a proposed programme of various riding activities and would also welcome any suggestions that you would like to be included?

The session is free to attend unless you’re not up to date with your membership subscriptions in which case it’s £3.50 payable on the evening.  Any riders who have recently attended the Club Beginner Ride Sessions on Mondays are also welcome as well as any riders from the Friday Breeze Cycling Group – just £3.50 to pay.

Any queries please contact Marie or any of the other committee members.  Look forward to seeing you there   🙂 

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  1. Kate Gadsby says:

    Hi Marie my husband is disabled and rides a trike. Would it be possible to come along to one of your track sessions for him to get some practice as he lacks confidence on the lanes (due to potholes) at the moment? How often are these held? When is the next one?
    Many thanks
    PS advised to message you by Linc and Matt

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