Return of Club Rides

Now that the next stage of lockdown is upon us this enables gatherings of up to 30 outside. With this in mind the committee has agreed that the Saturday group rides should restart. If more than 30 riders arrive at the start please split into ride groups to discuss before setting off.

Please take personal responsibility for following current covid guidance, especially at cafe stops – click here for latest advice from British Cycling – pages 9 – 11 have the main points to note. Advice is for one person of each ride group to note the names & contact details for participants. Contact numbers can also be found on the members main WhatsApp group.

Please be mindful that we all represent the club and cyclists to the wider public. It is expected that there will be a range of feelings that members may have about riding together again in larger groups. Please have open discussions in your group and be mindful that some may be nervous about riding in larger groups for the first time in a long while. We may all need to brush up on our group riding skills so please refresh yourselves on these – there’s some information on the website here as well as on British Cycling.

Looking forward to riding together again soon:)

Routes Saturday 22nd May 2021

All rides include a cafe stop. If you’re a new rider joining us please let us know so we can welcome you 🙂

Meet 0830 main carpark outside Ashbourne Leisure Centre. Thank you to the route planners for this week’s routes

A Route Strava Link – anti clockwise direction

B Route Strava Link – clockwise direction

C Route Strava Link – clockwise direction

Social Route Strava Link – clockwise direction

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