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At the recent AGM, I volunteered to take over Paul Mannion’s responsibilites as club kit manager.  For the time being we are planning to stay with the current kit supplier – there are a number of people who are keen to order new kit as soon as possible and a change of supplier would only delay this process.

I’ll place a bulk order with ImpSport and handle all of the payment and delivery processes; all you have to do is let me know what you want.  Hopefully we will get some bulk discounts so I will confirm the final prices once I have received all of the orders.

What can I order?
You can access our club shop website via using the club login ASHBCC1254.  All of the items displayed are available to order, even the ones that are defined as ‘order window product’.  If you click on an item it will give you more information about pricing, sizing etc.  Some items have a minimum order quantity so let me know what you want and I’ll confirm whether we have enough interest before I place the final order.

How do I order?
Download a copy of this order form: , fill in your order details, save a copy and email it to before Saturday 16th September.

What happens then?
Once I have received all of your orders I will work out the prices (based on the bulk discounts) and send out a final order list for confirmation, including the final pricing.  I will place the bulk order with ImpSport and ask each member to pay for their kit by transferring the money directly into the ACC club bank account.  All of the kit will be delivered to me and I will make arrangements for you to collect it.

When will the kit arrive?
ImpSport are quoting an 8 week manufacturing lead-time at the moment so if I place the order before the end of September, there is a good chance of it arriving pre-Xmas.

A few things to consider:
For those of you who have had the misfortune of following me in my (overly revealing) Ashbourne club shorts, the new design has a black panel at the back so this should be enough to protect your modesty!

Shorts come with a choice of pad – here are the choices:

If you have any further questions then please email me at the above address.




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