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  1. Jason C says:

    Lumpy as requested I see.

  2. Stuart Swann says:

    Better cyclist than photographer. Where was Jason when I needed him most.

  3. Ant says:

    Sorry!! I can’t be good at everything Lad, now I can’t think.what I’m good at. Must be tired, need sleep and yes I can.get up the stairs ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Jason C says:

    The first thing I’d have done is put you in a slightly less camp pose ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Stuart Swann says:

    Exactly. Trying to breathe was my only concern. A minute to compose myself would have been nice. ????????

  6. Stuart Swann says:

    The A minus boys ride again?

  7. Jason C says:

    I think you’ll cope on this ride ๐Ÿ™‚ Will be doing the 60 on Sat.

  8. Stuart Swann says:

    Good lad. Will try not to turn camp when tired this time. ????

  9. Stuart Swann says:

    Short route a good choice. Long route deceptively brutal. Defo not flat as described.

  10. Ant says:

    You seem confused, think I said “Flattish” route, don’t worry will be back to a hilly route next weekend!! I know you miss them there hills

  11. Anonymous says:

    Where were the hills? ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Stuart Swann says:

    Never said hilly. not flat as described. You set em up and I’ll do it slowly.

  13. Andy Beckett says:

    Just ordered the Cruds from Wiggles, hope they arrive before the weekend ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Andy says:

    That’s sounds perfect for me getting back to fitness. Are you planning other days as I’m off on a Monday and Wednesday’s

    Best wishes


    • Hi Andy,
      At the moment provisional dates are Tuesdays 24th, 31st. May plan to do one on Monday 16th March – will confirm closer to.
      Keep checking our facebook/website pages as all rides are posted on both – also we are hoping to start up again our Monday evening beginner rides around mid April.
      Another thing you could do is to post via the website or facebook your availability for meeting for rides, pace/distance etc so that others could meet up with you perhaps. Several other people have done this – it’s a good way to arrange some extra rides in addition to the regular club ones.

  15. Ant says:

    Good routes Marie, weather looks good for Saturday so should be a good turnout, Steve,Tim,Jeremy,Paul,Pete and myself are heading off on a cycle tour this weekend, heading out from ALC 9:30 Friday, going over to Ironbridge, into Wales on Saturday and returning home on Sunday around 250mls total hopefully the weather will be kind to us.

  16. Ant says:

    Jacqui and Marie are both riding the long route tomorrow, if you are planning on riding the short route please have a look at the route, its fairly straight forward, we have ridden this route a few times before

  17. Hereward says:

    Damn. Got all dressed up, looked again at the rain and then wimped out! Well done you lot…

  18. Vicki Bunn says:

    Hi – we are organising a 24 hour cycle relay at Brands Hatch in September and would like to send you information to share with members of Ashbourne CC – could you give me an email address so that I can do so? More of the event is on our website – many thanks, Vicki Bunn

  19. Thanks, Ant – great route this morning. Lots of places I’ve never been, as well!

  20. Jon Hosking says:

    I am visiting the area next week and have found your club website a valuable resource. Its a shame I am only in the area Monday to Friday I would have liked to have a ride with you all. I have loaded a couple of your club routes to use on my garmin and am looking forward to seeing some of the sites around the peaks. Great website and a very resourceful club. Chapeau!

  21. Tim Jasper says:

    Hi. Would like to join you Sat for first time. But donโ€™t have mudguards at the moment. Would that make me unwelcome..? Thanks!

  22. Cate Mitchell says:

    Hi iv just purchased a hybrid bike and would love to join in the breeze rides in Ashbourne.
    Are they still runnig?
    Kind regards


    • Hi Cate, Apologies for the late reply. Yes the Breeze rides are still running. The rides are free to attend but you do need to book on beforehand. Text or ring me (Marie) on 07891 320041. Looking forward to meeting you whenever you can make it.

  23. Jason Harper says:

    Hi Iโ€™ve booked a b&b for myself and my better half Vic ( non cyclist). Having spent a few weekends in North Yorkshire I can recommend the cycling and scenery itโ€™s amazing.

    • Hi Jason, I’ve had about 11 people so far message me to register their interest for the suggested club weekend in North Yorks. I’m going to set up a whatsapp group for the names so that people can liaise between themselves regarding accommodation suggestions, meeting up for rides etc. I’ll add your name to the group as well if that’s ok with you? Regards, Marie (ACC Secretary)

  24. Sam Williams says:

    Moving back to ashbourne having graduated from uni in oxford. Been doing a fair amount of mountain biking and single track and due to my car braking down would like to get to know the local routes as I canโ€™t find anything. Would love to get to know what the club gets up to in relevance to mtb!

  25. Kate Gadsby says:

    Hi Marie my husband is disabled and rides a trike. Would it be possible to come along to one of your track sessions for him to get some practice as he lacks confidence on the lanes (due to potholes) at the moment? How often are these held? When is the next one?
    Many thanks
    PS advised to message you by Linc and Matt

  26. Jackie gilbert says:

    Hi – have you been arranging any rides during a Covid? Perhaps you could let me know when you resume. Thanks

  27. Jackie gilbert says:

    Hi – have you been arranging any rides during a Covid? Perhaps you could let me know when you resume. Thanks

  28. Pete Tapping says:

    Thinking of coming to join the social ride tomorrow. Just turn up ready for a 2- 3 hour ride? Riding a carbon road bike with drops, assume that’s suitable? Thanks

  29. Jonathan Davies says:

    Wish to thank all the riders on the a run on Sunday,
    as I was in the areas and joined your run you made me most welcome and waited for me as wasnโ€™t going that well on the day? as I mentioned I run in palma Mallorca and we come to join me next March or any info about riding in Mallorca 07971138388

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